What we do

Movelpartes develops its economic activity in the sector of wood and wood-based products, with a production facilities and equipment capable of responding to various types of customer requests.


Production Capacity

With a production capacity of 120,000 components per week for all types of furniture, Movelpartes has a new edging and drilling line of melamine panels, in addition to three CNC´s drill press line, cutting saws, framers and dressers, thus enlarging the production solutions in order to meet the most diverse requests of its customers.


Application of products

Movelpartes develops solutions for its customers, based on the company expertise and on technology, with several types of applications: - Components for all types of furniture
- Components for kitchen furniture
- Several types of self-assembly furniture kits
- Storage solutions/shelves
- Profiles and skirting boards


Synergies / Know How

As part of a worldwide reference Group in the wood and wood-based panels industry, Movelpartes provides customer solutions using the Group synergies, by constantly sharing experiences with other group companies. These synergies are used in their production processes, involving various departments of innovation, to guarantee a differentiated offer of value-added services and products to their customers.


Human Resources

With vast experience and total focus on customer satisfaction, keeping constant contact with various, stakeholders Movelpartes organisational structure is the following:
- Management team: to ensure the daily operational management.
- Commercial team: contact with customers to provide for their requests.
- Production:Team responsible for the manufacture and packaging of all products.
- Supply Chain: Ensure the use of raw materials more suitable to the requirements of our customers.
- Quality: Quality control to ensure compliance with all standards and quality requirements.
- Security: Environment, CdR and LeanManufacturing: Compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements.
- Design and Development: Technical support to identify possible solutions to meet the needs of our customers.